Our Ethics Commitment

We subscribe to the Code of Ethics promulgated by the Institute of Management Consultants USA.  See www.imcusa.org

Social Entrepreneurship

So far, we have facilitated 15,000 lbs. of donated food to an East Romanian orphange.  Come join the GenCom Witness Forum group on Linkedin.com to research and deploy your initiatives to help change the world for the better!  We now have over 210 members and growing!  Connect HERE

Our Beliefs

Please click any of the following audio files to hear Dr. Henrik Mann being interviewed on his own Internet Radio Show on www.talkzone.com.

Our Philosophy

GenCom International was formed out of a conviction that 'being helpful' does not mean jumping ahead of clients to do their job for them.  Rather, being helpful in the truest sense means being willing to care enough to come alongside to observe and listen, to challenge and coach, to advise and roll up one's sleeves with expertise in support of a particular project.  This involves the discipline of thoughtful leadership and living in the midst of tension, on the edge of chaos, not always knowing the full implications of a new course of action, but being willing to account for them. 

We are of best help to our clients as we coach to embody organizational principles of growth that set free the same biotic principles underpinning the natural world: interdependence, multiplication, energy transformation, multi-usage, symbiosis and functionality. We teach you as you are teaching us about your business, and we join forces to help you reframe your adversity, retool your assumptions, and redirect your approach.

Clearly, both our clients and we at GenCom desire to compete successfully in the global marketplace.  At times, leaders of organizations seek new possibilities, innovations, opportunities, solutions and alliances, in order to continue scaling further capital formation.  GenCom International is dedicated to providing high-tech solutions, project and opportunity management services, and consulting services that bring the intelligence of global partners to your table.  We seek to reduce risk by accessing trustworthy associates who have reputable careers and seasoned experience to advise and assit in implementing.  We look forward to serving you and your organization with our best efforts.

Our Founding Story

GenCom International, LLC was incorporated in January 2007 by Dr. Henrik Mann and his wife Charlotte.  It was a culmination of his academic journey at the University of San Francisco under Dr. Ellen Herda, and as a visionary desire to build a global consulting business that would become a leading exemplar rooted in philosophic analysis of organization and leadership text within the 'critical hermeneutics' tradition.

In the last two thousand years, the scope of hermeneutics has expanded beyond Biblical interpretation to include the investigation and interpretation not only of oral, textual and artistic works, but also of human behaviour generally, including language and patterns of speech, social institutions, and ritual behaviours (such as religious ceremonies, political rallies, football matches, rock concerts, business, etc.). Hermeneutics interprets or inquires into the meaning and import of these phenomena.

Dr. Henrik Mann served early in his career as a successful ordained Protestant minister who noticed that people generally have a difficult time interpreting the Biblical text responsibly regarding essential messages, as well as relating the world of their faith with the world of business at both theoretical and practical levels.  He found a theoretical bridge and guide through the discipline of hermeneutics, as a means to better understand and release healthy accountability and effectiveness in leaders of organizations. 

More specifically, Dr. Henrik Mann's research led him to study the leadership patterns of Nobel Peace prize winning organizations working in SE Asia as related to the corporate governance successes and failures by American business and political leadership since the Nixon administration. Dr. Mann came to recognize that many unintended negative and violent implications are the result of distorted patterns of communication eminating from commitment to modern leadership theory rooted in patterns of coercion and manipulation.  These lead to dominant and oppressive thoughts that blind and bind people out of fear.  As a result, we miss the eternal and present meanings of human dignity, environmental responsibility, and healthy practices of leadership within the public spaces of society.

GenCom's name is an amalgamation of Brazilian Paolo Friere's concepts of 'generative' themes with Jurgen Habermas' theory of 'communicative' action.  GenCom International through its founder is a consultancy firm ultimately dedicated to not only advising our clients on successful business venture, but also on promoting transcendent values through politcal advocacy in the leadership traditions of Jesus Christ and Mahatma Gandhi. This involves a professional commitment focused on lifting up people's dignity and capacity to develop social conscience through an orientation toward social entrepreneurship, as well as educating the conscience and conduct of leaders to commit to creating socially responsible patterns of economic development.  

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