"LEADERSHIP: Helping Others To Succeed"  November 2011 Release

Dr. Henrik Mann is contributing author (Chapter 1 - "Ethos and Inspiration for Higher Standard Leadership"), along with such notables as Senator George Mitchell (Former Middle East Peace Envoy and Facilitator of the Good Friday Accords), former Congresswoman Pat Schroeder, and International Leadership expert Dr. Waren Bennis.  

This 230 page book is an anthology written by fifteen different authors working in the trenches of leadership theory and practice who share their wisdom and experiences for consultants and leaders of all stripes.  This is not a dry academic tome, but rather an inspirational and practical set of chapters which prove the saying that, "We need team work to make the dream work."

Here is the list of the 15 chapters that comprise the book:

Chapter 1 - Ethos and Inspiration for Higher Standard Leadership

Chapter 2 - Leading the Home Team

Chapter 3 - Building a Service Culture

Chapter 4 - Leadership Principles

Chapter 5 - Innovative Leadership Strategies to Help You and Your Team Members Succeed Faster

Chapter 6 - Leading to Win

Chapter 7 - Learning and Sharing

Chapter 8 - Keys to Leadership Development

Chapter 9 - Rich Attitudes

Chapter 10 - The Art of Self-Leadership

Chapter 11 - Project Management Leadership

Chapter 12 - Knowledge and Global Competition

Chapter 13 - Changing Habits for Success: The Leadership Paradigm

Chapter 14 - Pushing Forward to Success

Chapter 15 - Engage for Success

Here is what the owner of a million dollar business in Northern California emailed on Dec. 10, 2011:

"I just finished reading your book (chapter 1) and it is so inspiring.  I love your core values and belief and I share the same sentiments.  We share so many things in common.  Thank you for the book."

May you be inspired toward higher standard leadership in 2012!

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