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Our Global Hope

World-Changing Leadership Talk with Dr. Henrik Mann

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Our Global Hope with Dr. Henrik Mann offers guests and listeners an opportunity to find their voice on what makes for great leadership! We explore both how and why leaders in America and around the world are taking action to promote a new triple bottom line - for people, profit and the welfare of our planet.

On each episode of OUR GLOBAL HOPE, your host Dr. Henrik Mann pursues thoughtful conversation about leadership stories and a broad scope of issues in the worlds of business, politics, non-profits, international development, environment, media and religion.

Our Live Show Call In Number is 1 (888) 463-6748 (GO FOR IT).

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OUR GLOBAL HOPE chronicles how world changing leadership reverses the consequences of poor governance shaping social and economic patterns of relationship, from your house to the White House, from the courthouse to the office place, and from the villages of nations in the developing world to the urban jungles of our modern metropolises.


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